Yesterday at the game I went up to one of the security person and told them that my son wasn't going to be able to make it to the game and asked them if it was okay to scan the ticket and give me his jersey, at this time another security person came up to me and told me to leave the gate and stay from the beginning. I listened to him and went to security at the gate and told way I was going out the gate and at that time he told me to go ahead and go up to the front and scan my ticket to get a jersey.

That same security person told him no that I had to start at the end of the line, mine you I'm diabetic and can't be standing in the heat too long. By then I was furious and told why he was asking like an *** but he provoke me to say that. Believe me I'm born and rised in Elysian Valley all of my life. And been going to dodger games as a youngter.

All this time my wife and kids had ordered the burgers and garlic fries drinks, for me not to be mad is outrageous. So I was minus the Jersey and didn't even get to see a spectacular game that this person prevented me to see and my family too. The burgers were thrown in the trash along with our drinks, I spent almost over three hundred dollars and got absolutely nothing in return, never, never had this happen to me before. Is this the way you treat your customers and they person is in the wrong position and would be fired.

Very, very mad customer. After this I don't think I'll go to another dodger game again, and trust me I have hundreds of friends that will back me on this. It's so wrong that this person has that kind of Authority and doesn't know how to handle situations like this. My seats were section 40 R9,10,11,12,13.

My number is (951)207-8454 and I'm available anytime.

And thanks, but very "upset". Especially for my kids

Product or Service Mentioned: Dodger Stadium Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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